Training Opportunities

Adult and community education is at the heart of our training. We offer a wide range of short courses and workshops for continued professional or personal development and through our courses we support:

  • Parents and carers to support the growing and changing needs of their young families
  • Volunteers to gain new knowledge, skills and ideas to volunteer in local groups

Have a look at our latest training programme to see what we may be able to offer you.

Volunteering Opportunities

At PATA we understand the value of volunteering – most of our own team have gained valuable skills and knowledge through it. We therefore recognise the immense opportunities for personal and professional development that can be gained through commitment to voluntary work and activities.

Within your local community

Your local childcare group (toddler group or playgroup for example) is a great place to volunteer as these  groups rely on a body of volunteers with the passion to help support and provide good quality childcare for their local community. If the group is a PATA member we can support you directly; by providing advice and guidance for new committee members through website materials, through our training programme, and by our team at the end of the phone.

You are part of our community if you are a parent attending a PATA member setting and can therefore access all our support and guidance for free.

Find a local PATA member setting here.

Within PATA

At PATA we always welcome volunteers into our community. We have a broad range of work to fit existing skills or to help develop new skills – from data handling and social media to getting your hands dirty in a PATA managed playgroup. If you are interested in becoming a PATA volunteer please contact us.

We regularly offer training opportunities to our volunteers to ensure they have the skills and confidence to carry out their duties.

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