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  • 01 Jul 2024
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NoodleNow (online)

Please now register for NoodleNow using this link - thank you.

NoodleNow provide online courses (there are currently 93 but this is increasing all the time). Once you are registered you can log in at any time and work through a course. At the end you will undertake a short test and if successful receive a certificate for your CPD file. All the courses are included in the cost and access is for one year from registration.

It's a great way for practitioners to upskill at their own pace, but also to pick a course to help with a specific issue - for example there is a course on dealing with biting. If you have a child who starts biting, any members of your team who are registered with NoodleNow can do the course as a refresher and come up with a plan of action.

We think that these courses will complement our 'live' training and provide you with another option for keeping your practice fresh and relevant.

Course included in the package cover everything from food safety, manual handling, physical development and outstanding practice. You can see the full list of courses here.

Cost (PATA Members only):

We are able to offer access to our members for 

£25 per person (no additional VAT) with no minimum number and including Noodle Nibbles.

(Individual membership is usually £99+VAT or organisational membership (with a minimum of 5 people) is usually £25+VAT per person (so a minimum of £150). There is also a ‘bolt on’ package of short courses called Noodle Nibbles which are usually an extra £5+VAT per person which will be included in your package.)

The access will last for a year and you can do as many of the courses in that time as you wish for no additional costs. 


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